Christopher Wilkinson Previously Black and Decker, now owner of his own international consultancy.

5.0 out of 5 stars 100% essential read on category management!

First of all, I generally don't bother to write reviews. The fact I'm recommending this book is because I enjoyed it so much.
This book is about category management from a retailer & manufacturer perspective, yet highlighting the fact that the true key of success does not lie in typical category management itself. Very similar to "Innovation Secrets" by Carmine Gallo, this book has given me loads of fresh ideas to grow my business. The difference is that it's more about "retail", where "Innovation Secrets" is more about “product”. The only downside of this book, is that you will be eager for more! 

Stefan J Kaczmarczyk Marketing Manager at Groupeseb UK Ltd (Tefal).

5.0 out of 5 stars.

If you think you know everything about Category Management....then read this! The rule book is somewhat ripped up by Mark Taylor who gives a very thought provoking insight into the future of retailing and how it could survive in a world that is dominated by e-retailing.

Walter Liu

Director Category Management at Del Monte

5 Stars.

Quick and easy read. The writing is simple and straight forward and the book is packed with no nonsense insight.

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​​Who Killed Category Management by Mark Taylor

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Our goal is to put you so far ahead of your competition they will need a satellite to see you.

We achieve this is by creating a commercial platform that engages your customers at the deepest level, aligning your strategies and delivering results for all.  If it doesn`t work out there in the real world, it doesn`t belong on our course.

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Mark has developed and delivered sales, negotiation, strategy and commercial courses for Pfizer, Nestle, Expedia, General Mills and many other multi billion dollar operations.

He has helped teams develop abilities and behaviours which have added, conservatively, $100 million P.A. additional benefit to their bottom line and in excess of $1 billion projected to date.

He has designed ground breaking and world leading development platforms which have been adopted globally. 

His focus on developing commercial sales, negotiation and strategic skills has help win global awards.

Through a diverse career he has had an extensive background to Board Director level in People Development, Marketing, Sales, Merchandising and Buying during which Mark has managed turnovers in excess of $350,000,000.

His unusual background in both Sales, Marketing, Retail Buying and Merchandising gives him a unique perspective that provides a sustainable competitive edge for manufacturers teams.

He lives by the expression “Ok, it`s impossible, now how do we do it?”.​

Business Solutions

Evaluation, people development strategy, measurement, capability design and ROI. Effective behavioural development should deliver tangible returns.  In the 12 weeks post course delegates average a net increase of $100,000 profit.

Personal Focus

We drive personal behavioural development. With commercial teams never forget it has to integrate cross functionally and support the business mission.       

In 2013, founder Mark Taylor published his first book which described the issues surrounding current commercial thinking in retail.  His dark predictions continue to come true today and his strategy for success has offered the solution for many manufacturers and retailers around the world.

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David King
Director Consulting and Merchandising Solutions at Nielsen for 6 years and now Space Management

Controversial new book out today puts Space Management on the endangered species list.
Without revealing its “mystery”, I can tell you that this very entertaining book will invite you to think more creatively about the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) retail business, especially in-store merchandising, how we measure and analyze what we are doing, and how to gain a competitive edge in the years ahead. Bravo!

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