Our expertise?  Global behavioural change, commercial strategy and skill development that inspires success every time.​

​Our objective is to provide you with an 
competitive advantage.  

It`s that simple. 

​Mark Taylor.  

​Author & CEO


Don`t use us...

...if you want specialised, cutting edge and differentiated commercial, strategy, negotiation, selling, leadership and soft skills development with real bite

Real Results, Real world, Real Fast.

This man has taught me how to challenge the status quo and why it is so important to think outside the box!
The skills learned for negotiation and strategic thinking have changed my day to day work!
Thank you Mark for all the great training that gave me the skills to develop and improve in my business life I think we know the results. 
Jan Pasold.  Managing Director Ritter Sport Global Travel Retail

...a spectacular way to transmit enthusiasm...   ...a very clever approach to understand people...   ...really cares about people...   ...helped me in my career...       ...I still use courses in my daily business.
Manager Resource Mobilisation.

...able to hold the room's full attention at all times...   ... delivering a powerful message in a motivational style...   ...injects humour and fun into serious subject matter.  
GM international retail manufacturing.

What People Say About Us

 Mark has enormous vision, inbuilt passion and the ability to integrate people into the company vision. He is unusually fastidious about details whilst developing the necessary vision for the future. 
Chris Onslow. Group Director.

 ...relentless energy and passion...   ...structured and delivered quantifiable and profound skill development programmes in all global locations...   ...a rare ability to translate strategic direction into tangible tools that enable organisational teams to implement and achieve with true excellence in the market...  ...cares about people...    ...there are many who will forever be grateful for his life changing impact in their careers.  
Chris Powel.  Head of Global Travel Retail (manufacturing). 

Do use us...

...if you only want best practice.  We believe aiming for best practice will just make you as good as your nearest competitor.

To us, that is just not good enough...

...innovational approach enables you to look at developing yourself and your business accumen by constant challenge and constant support... ...many ideas continue to drive the way I and others approach the customer, both internally and externally.
Strategic Insight Manager global retail manufacturer.